Reefbuilders International

ReefbuildersInt18Reefs are not only one of our most endangered ecosystems and the very foundation of all marine life. More importantly, they are the beginning of all underwater biological development. Reef Builders is dedicated to creating meaningful artificial reef projects.
Alhough the term ‘artificial reef’ is commonly used, ‘man-made reef’ provides a more accurate description.
Reef Builders uses four types of material in their man-made reef projects. These materials are marine grade concrete or cement, steel, natural stone and compositere-rod. Ocean-safe and proven to be the best for coral development, these materials are as logical as they are environmentally sound and provide the best of habitats.
Operating in Miami Florida, Reef Builders is available for consulting and development of artificial reef projects wherever necessary. The Reef Builders team of individuals, companies and organizations are committed to delivering your desired results. We can create unique underwater worlds for projects of any size.
Vision in the beginning produces extraordinary results when you can think outside of the fishbowl.
Construction, engineering, biological monitoring and deployments are all available through Reef Builders.
We welcome all enquiries and look forward to assisting you with the planning, development and completion of your man-made reef project.
We make man-made reefs that get attention.